Black Whip Snake


Common Name:
Whip Snake, Black Whip Snake

Scientific Name:
Demansia vestigiata

The Black whip ia a slender bodied snake with a thin whip like tail. It has a olive-brown to black body with a reddish tinge especially towards the tail and a lighter greyish underbelly. Its head usually has dark spots. It is mainly a diurnal species though it is often active in the early evening. Its diet consists mainly of lizards but will happily take any frogs it comes across. It is venomous with a bite causing localised pain, swelling and possibly other severe symptoms. A bite, especially of children or from a large specimen, should be treated as serious, correct first aid applied and medical help sought.

Inhabits a range of habitats from dry forests to open woodlands in coastal and adajcent inland areas. It is probably the least commonly found of the whipsnakes.

Usually found up to around 1M in length but specimens over 1.5M have been  recorded.

It is an egg-laying species with a clutch of 5-10 eggs being typical. Hatchlings are around 200mm snout to vent length.

Scale Count:
Midbody scales 15 rows, 165-195 ventral scales with a divided anal scale.