Red-Bellied Black Snake

Red Bellied Black Snake

Common Name:
Red Belly

Scientific name: Pseudechis porphyriacus

Description: As the name suggests, this snake has a dark glossy black back with a red coloured belly which extends a short way up the sides of the snake. This red colour can be anything from a pale pink to a bright red. It has no discernable neck with the head being a continuation of the body. Its is a very placid snake which prefers to try to escape than bite, consequently bites from this snake are not common. Whilst it is considered to be dangerous the venom of the Red-Belly not particualrly potent or produced in large quantities and is usually not life threatening producing systemic symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, nausea, headaches etc rather than neurotoxic or renal failure etc. However immediate first aid and medical treatment should be sought.

Habitat: Mainly inhabits the wetter areas, typically around creeks and wetlands in urban bushland or forest areas.It is often encountered in winter along the walking trails in the National Parks warming itself up in the sun. Feeds mainly on frogs and other reptiles but will also eat small mammals.

Size: Up to around 2M though larger specimens have been recorded.

Reproduction: This snake gives birth to around 20 live young that are encased in a thin membrane that breaks open as the juvenile snake wriggles inside.

Scale Count: Mid-body scale 17 rows, 180-210 Ventral scale, divided anal scale, 40-65 subcaudal scales divided anteriorly.

Red-Bellied Black Snake

Red-Bellied Black Snake